Word of Advice

First of all I would like to respond to those who feel that speaking against deviant pseudo-Islaamic groups is a waste of time and energy is in fact total contradiction to Qur’ân and Sunnah. In Soorah Aal’imraan 3:110 Allah says “you are the best nation raised up among mankind (because) you command the good and prohibit the evil” Commanding the good is not sufficient in itself to earn us the title “best of the nations” it must be complemented by the prohibitions of evil {an Nahi ‘An Al-Munkar }:

Not to mention the classical Ahaadeeth in which the prophet (saws) said “who ever sees evil should stop it with his hands, but if he is unable he should speak against it ……”{Narrated by Abu sa’eed al-khudree} and If we review the lives of the Sahâbah and the early scholars, we find them not only teaching Islaam, But also condemning whatever innovations {Bid’ah} or Deviations occurred around them, In every era there arose ideas which challenged the pure concept of Islaam, and were it not for scholars who arose to oppose them, the deviant ideas would have over whelmed the masses, “When some people mentioned to IMAAM AHMED IBN HANBAL {rahim’ullah} that they felt uneasy about critising people he replied,” If I were to remain silent, how would the ignorant masses know truth from falsehood?” Those who introduce heretical writings and deviant religious rites contrary to Qur’ân and Sunnah have to be exposed and the Muslim nation warned against them according to the unanimous agreement of Muslim scholars

Infact, Yahyaa ibn Maeen companion of IMAAM AHMED IBN HANBAL {rahim’ullah} was asked if one who fasted, prayed and secluded himself in the masjid was dearer to him than one who spoke out against people involved in Deviations, he replied, “When he fasts, Prays and secludes himself, he does so for himself alone, but if he speaks out against the Deviations, he does so for Muslims in general which is more Noble, Hence it is clear that openly opposing innovation {Bid’ah} and Deviations is of general benefit to Muslims in the practice of their religion and comes under the heading of “Jihaad fee sabeelil-laah” {struggle in Allah’s path} Purification of Allah’s religion and the repulsion of attacks against it is a general obligation {Fard kifaayah} on Muslims by unanimous agreement. For if Allah did not raise up some people to oppose the corruption preached by heretics, the religion would surely become distorted and deviant, The corruption of the Divinely revealed religion is far more terrible than the corruption resulting from the military conquest of the Non-Muslims, For when Non-Muslims over powers Muslims they are not able to corrupt the hearts of Muslims, or their  religion except after some time, whereas, heretics corrupt the hearts from the very outset”, That’s why we should expose the evil of because this movement and Leaders recognizes  Sufism and other deviant pseudo- Islaamic thinking like  muraaqaba on graves as being valid and there is big list of scholars who has the same view for these Deviant pseudo-Islaamic groups and there likes.

Finally Tabligi Jamat page and its sub links contains Alhamdulillah, a critical study of the ahadeeth and other material in the well known Tablighi Nisaab – Fazail-e-Aa’maal. Insha-Allah we ask the brothers and sisters to read this with an open heart, and remember the hadith of the prophet Muhammad (saws) when he said : “The one who loves for the sake of Allah and hates for the sake of Allah, he will taste the sweetness of Eemaan (faith)”. Thus it is a part of Faith, that we evaluate the evidences of those who preach Islam, and thus correct our Islam so that we may be guided.

In this regard, Ibn Sireen {rahim’ullah} said as quoted in the introduction to Sahih Muslim said: “This (hadeeth) is the religion! So be careful as to whom you take this religion”. 

Ibn Taahir al-Maqdisi al-Haafidh {rahim’ullah} said, “I heard the Imaam, Abu Ismaa’eel ‘Abdullaah bin Muhammad al-Ansaari {rahim’ullah} saying, whilst in Haraah: ‘The sword was put to my neck five times [and each time] it was not said to me, ‘Leave your madhhab’ but it was said to me, ‘Remain silent about those who are in opposition to you’. So I would say, ‘I will not remain silent’.” [Aadaab us-Sharee’ah (1/207) of Ibn Muflih al-Maqdisi al-Hanbali].

Al-Humaidee, the Shaikh of al-Bukhaaree {rahim’ullah} said, “By Allaah, that I war against those who reject the Ahaadeeth of the Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) is more beloved to me than that I should war against the same number of Non-Muslims.” [Al-Harawi in Dhamm ul-Kalaam].

Ibn al-Qayyim {rahim’ullah} said, “The Jihaad with decisive proofs [from the Book and the Sunnah] and the tongue takes precedence over the Jihaad with the sword and the teeth.” [Al-Jawaab us-Saheeh of Ibn Taymiyyah (1/237)].

Nasr bin Zakariyaa {rahim’ullah} said, I heard Muhammad bin Yahyaa adh-Dhuhlee saying, I heard Yahyaa bin Yahyaa saying, “Defence of the Sunnah is more superior than Jihaad in the path of Allaah.” So I said, “A man spends his wealth, tires his body and strives (in Jihaad), so is this one (still) better than him? He said, “Yes, by many times!” [Dhammu ul-Kalaam of al-Harawi]. 

Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad  {rahim’ullah} said: “Whichever man comes to asking for advice and he directs him to an innovator then he has acted deceitfully towards Islam, and beware of entering upon a person of innovation since they prevent from the truth.” (Al-Laalikaa’ee, no.261)

Thus, it is the order of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and the understanding of the Sahâbah that we evaluate the books that we read, and weigh it according to the Qur’ân, Sunnah and their interpretation by the Salaf-us-Salih. Keeping this in mind, with total commitment to understanding the truth for the sake of Allaah, we invite you to read the exposition of the book “Fazail-e-Aa’maal”. May Allah ta’laa have mercy on you. We ask Allah’s help to fill us with the right knowledge and Guide us and Grant the Ummah to loving the truth and its people. {Aameen}