Purpose of Life

//Purpose of Life

There are four kinds of love, which we must differentiate between

Ibn Al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) said regarding this matter: There are four kinds of love, which we must differentiate between, and those who go astray do so because they do not make this distinction. The first of them is love of Allaah, but this alone is not sufficient to save a person from the [...]

Living to Die or Dying to Live!

TAKEN FROM: TROID.org A reminder concerning the harsh and fearful reality of death.   You know Allaah; yet you do not obey Him. You recite the Qur`aan; yet you do not act according to it. You know Shaytaan; yet you continue agreeing with him Shaykh ’Alee Hasan al-Halabee said: "Death is a harsh and fearful [...]