Working in banks in an Islamic country

Is it permissible to work in the banks that exist in Islamic countries that deal with riba?  My husband works in one of the banks that deal with riba, and he works as a systems operator on programs that have to do with technological and information management. His main job is to ensure that all [...]

The Taaghoot are many, and their Heads are Five

Allaah made it obligatory upon all the servants to reject and disbelieve in at-taaghoot, and to believe in Allaah. Ibnul Qayyim (May Allaah have mercy upon him) said: “At-taaghoot is anyone whom the servants go beyond the due bounds, whether it is someone worshipped, obeyed or followed.” The taaghoot are many, and their heads are [...]

Not Judging by the Book of Allaah

Not Judging by the Book of Allaah: A Cause For Calamities to Strike the Ummah By Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Jameel Zaynoo "PIVOTAL QUOTE" That there would always continue to be a group from this Ummah clinging to the truth and to the pure Tawheed of Allaah until the day of Judgment. Allaah - the Most [...]

Ruling on cutting women’s hair

I am doing a project on Muslim women and would like to know what is the ruling concerning a Muslim’s hair. Is she allowed to cut it as much as up to her shoulder or not/ what about facial hair? Is it harem to get rid of it or not. Please answer and pray my [...]

Haraam issues in modern anaasheed and the conditions of nasheed being permissible

Praise be to Allaah.Firstly: Nasheeds have changed from what they were at first. Unfortunately nasheeds and munshids (nasheed-“singers”) have sunk to this level. Whereas nasheeds used to have meanings of faith, jihad and knowledge, they have now – in many cases – become akin to the songs of evildoers, with softening of the voice, putting a picture [...]