Difference between Kuffar and Mushrikeen

Difference between Kuffar and MushrikeenQuestion: What is the difference between mushrikeen and kuffaar? Are the Jews and Christians mushrikeen or kuffaar?.Answer Reference: Answer : Praise be to Allaah.   Firstly: The kaafir is the one who denies and conceals the truth. The basic meaning of the wordkufr in Arabic is concealment. Shirk means devoting worship to [...]

Shirk In al-‘Ebaadah

In this category of Shirk, acts of worship are directed to other than God and the reward for worship is sought from the creation instead of the Creator. As in the case of the previous categories, Shirk in al-'Ebaadah has two main aspects. (A) Ash-Shirk al-Akbar (Major Shirk): This form of Shirk occurs when any [...]