Questions to Quranites

Quran mentions: "Do not you know that Allah knows All that is in the Heaven and on earth? Verily, it is all in the book. Verily! That is easy for Allah"(22:70) How do you know how to pray using the Quran alone? (During war and emergency) if you (are in a state of) fear, then [...]

Quranites: litubayyina to EXPLAIN or to MAKE CLEAR ?

TAKEN FROM: https://discover-the-truth.com/2013/05/07/prophet-was-sent-to-teach-to-explain-the-quran/comment-page-1/ 1. ALLAH SAYS TO “OBEY THE MESSENGER” Say Obey Allah and the Messenger. But if they turn away, then Allah does not like the disbelievers. [Quran 3:32] And whoso obey Allah and the Messenger (Muhammad) then they will be in the company of those on whom Allah has bestowed His Grace, of [...]


Smashing the Brains of The Perweizite Deceivers Khalifites (19ers) And Rejecters of the Sunnah Introduction On the Necessity of the Sunnah Amongst Those Who Have Defended The Sunnah The Ruling on the Rejecters of the Sunnah The First Doubt The Second Doubt […]


The Deviation of those who are satisfied with The QurAn To the exclusion of Ahaadeeth By Shaykh Muhammad Naasir-Ud-Deen al-Albaanee It is a matter of regret that according to the interpretation found in the works of some commentators and modern authors, that it is permissible to do what is stated in the last two examples. [“In the this example, if not for the Ahaadeeths, some of which have been mentioned, we would have considered lawful what Allah has made unlawful through the dictum of the holy Prophet (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam) like predatory animals, and the birds which have claws. […]